There was a time when human-only eat foods for surviving. No one even thinks food and nutrition let alone healthy food which contains nutrition. But that was in the ancient era not in the 21st century. As the best creation in the whole universe, Nowadays we think what we are eating and what should we eat? Because at the end of the it matters for us for our healthy sound body. In an ancient era as people eat only for surviving nowadays, we don’t eat only for surviving we eat to stay healthy for a sound life. After all, there’s a saying that Health is Wealth. That’s why we need to know before eating any food is good for us? If yes, Then we will unless never we will eat. In this article, we will deeply take look at food and nutrition step by step.

Food that contains Nutrition
Food that contains Nutrition
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Firstly, we will discuss food and their characteristics. Secondly, we will discuss nutrition. Thirdly we will discuss the combination of food and nutrition. So without any further delay let’s jump in.


When the word food we hear automatically a virtual image comes in our head such as pizza, burger, rice, etc. But what is the definition of food? Well, Is everything called food which we eat?. The answer is simple a human being or animal for surviving what they eat is called food. One thing must keep in mind that if anything which doesn’t contain nutrition that thing will not be called food. So it’s very clear that to called anything food we must ensure that it contains nutrition.

There are so many types of food. Such as fresh food, whole food, diet food, healthy food and more. And all that food has one thing in common all food contains nutrition. That’s the reason the term food and nutrition goes side by side. In our universe, we have almost 193 freedom nation and all of them have their style and tradition of eating food.


Nutrition is the major key to eating food. If the food didn’t contain nutrition then probably we human will never eat food. Without nutrition, a portion of food will not be called food. Because something we eat and called it food because it’s contains nutrition. Is nutrition is needed for our body? Well, Yes indeed nutrition is needed for our body. Even nutrition help us to grow our body. Without proper nutrition, you may face so many diseases. In our universe, so many people face major diseases because of the lack of nutrition. Even because of not having proper nutrition in childhood some child become abnormal in adulthood.

We are discussing food and nutrition in this article. That’s why we will tell you some varieties of food names which contains nutrition. So that you can grab them from the local market or grow in your garden.

Food that contains Nutrition

There’s a lot of food in our market which contain nutrition. But some of us probably always ignore them without knowing nutrition facts. In addition, we will discuss the top 5 foods that contain higher nutrition than others. And also which is available in the local market so that you can eat.

Leafy Green

Leafy green contains calcium which is undoubtedly needed for our body. You may know them as Cabbage, Spinach, Kale, etc. More shortly all the green vegetables are called leafy green. So without wasting any time start eating them. These are the best foods which contain a high level of nutrition.

Banana, Cantaloupe, Raisins, Nuts, Fish

For a healthier body, we need potassium. And a banana, cantaloupe, fish, and nuts are the source of potassium. These foods are easy to find and tasted good when we eat them. As the source of nutrition for our body, this food made top second in our list.

Whole-grain foods, Colorful Fruit and Vegetables

We need fiber for our body to improve our health. Whole grains food and brans contain fiber. Also colorful fruits such as apple, orange, papayas, lemon, watermelon and more. Colorful vegetables eggplant, beet, kale, carrots and more.

Spinach, Black Beans, Peas, and Almonds

Almost every one of us knows spinach, black beans, peas, and almonds. Also some of their effectiveness. All these are the major source of magnesium. Which is one of the most fundamental nutrients for our body?

 Eggs, Milk, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, and Cantaloupe

 If you ask someone what are the major sources for vitamin A? Probably some of them may answer your question rest of them may not. But we all are familiar with eggs, milk, carrots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe. And do you know that these are the major source of vitamins? This food we eat almost every single day without knowing their effectiveness. Now as we know it let’s start eating and share with our friends and family.

Food and Nutrition

After all the discussion we know that food and nutrition go on the same road. Without nutrition, food will not be called food. Whatever we eat which contains nutrition its called food. A proper food plan for every single day can lead us a healthier life. For that, we don’t need a diet plan which is so much pain for us. As we discuss if you eat only the foods contains nutrition in our top 5 nutrition list. These are enough for you. Be careful about what you are eating because everything that you are eating is not called food. More briefly, they are not good for our health even they could be harmful to our body. Think before you eat.


Food and nutrition are like a pair for our body. Without one pair other can’t move on. That’s we need a better combination of food and nutrition. For a healthier and secure life. We eat food for surviving but not all food are good for surviving. Do eat food which contains nutrition so that it will help us to grow our body.You can read our article Green vegetables so that you can get proper idea about green vegetables and it’s benefits.