Hair vitamins the term shows the full story of this article. And yes, you heard right in this article well discuss only hair vitamins. Hair is a part of our fashion in the modern era. Even in the ancient era hair used to be a tool of fashion. Hair vitamins? Well, how many of us take care of our hair. Obviously, we don’t know about hair vitamins. In this article will deep look down in hair vitamins for both men and women. And find a way to how to grow and make more shiner and beautiful hair.

In this article, we will look out Vitamin A, B7, C, D and Along with Zinc, Protein, and Iron.

Hair Vitamins
Hair Vitamins
Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

The Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most necessary vitamins for our body. You may hear the usefulness of vitamin A for our eyes. But it is also good for our hair growing. Yes, Vitamin A helps our head cells to grow more hair. Also, Vitamin A helps our hair to look more shiner. You will find so many fruits and vegetables which contain vitamin A.

Such as  Beef liver.Cod liver oil, Sweet potato, Carrots. Black-eyed peas, Spinach, Broccoli, Sweet red pepper.

The Vitamin B7

You are now probably thinking that vitamin B7 which is also known as biotin. What it has anything to do with hair vitamin. Well, my dear friend, vitamin B7 is like water for our hair. And as much as we keep B7 vitamin in our body our hair will be benefitted. You will be happy the resources of vitamin B7 is the easiest way to find. For example Liver and other meats, nuts and seeds, cooked egg and more.

The Vitamin C:

Hair vitamins and vitamin C goes on the same road. Because vitamin C helps our hair growth. And if you are the one who is looking for hair growth and vitamin C is the answer. And it is not much hard to find vitamin C in our daily lives. For example Orange, limes, and lemons, etc.

The Vitamin D:

For our hair vitamins, we need calcium. The vitamin D is one of the most fundamental sources of calcium. Also, vitamin D helps our bones soft. In childhood, it is necessary to make sure children have vitamin D.Now take a quick look where and how we will get vitamin D. The fatty fish such as tuna. And also cheese and egg yolks.

Zinc, Protein, and Iron:

We all heard the name of zinc, protein, and iron more or less. Some of us may know about these three contributions to our bodies. But how many of us aware that it is also beneficial for our hair vitamins.

In this section, we will take a deep look at Zinc, Protein, and Iron. And as well as how these elements are helpful for our hair vitamins.

At first, we will discuss Zinc

Zinc helps our body growth. From childhood, zinc is one of the most efficient elements for our growth. If you ever set on television in childhood you may be seen of advertisements about growth. And if you could remember they mention in their advertisement that’s include the name zinc. The Zinc as it is helpful for our body growth it also helpful for our hair. In short, Zinc is beneficial for our hair as a hair vitamin more then we think about it. It helps our hair to grow and grow more faster. Because of zinc, so many people face less hair in their head. So make sure if you want more and deep beautiful hair just keep in touch with zinc. Now let’s take a look at the sources of zinc where we will find it.For example: meat,nuts,egg,whole grains etc.So its not a hard or expensive for us to have zinc for our body and oviously for our hair vitamins.

Secondly, we will discuss about Protein

What if someone says to you that your nails and surprisingly hair is made of protein.After hearing that you may be asking really? And the answer is obviously in positive. So this was enough to describe the importance of protein for hair vitamins. Even hair is made of protein. So without further a delay, the sources of protein is really you need to know. In eggs, milk, oats, chicken breast, almonds these are the key sources of protein.

Finally but not least we will discuss about Iron:

Iron helps our body for fresh oxygen. It helps our body to maintain fresh oxygen in cells, especially in red blood cells. You may have been thinking now what is then iron will do for my hair?. Well, iron is essential for your hair vitamins. Because iron helps to carry healthy oxygen in our body. And you may notice some people’s hairs go white at an early age which excludes the environment. And also geographical and biological position. Iron helps delivers fresh oxygen in our hairs. Which is usually necessary for our hair vitamin.Because fresh and healthy oxygen is pre-condition of healthy and beautiful hair.

After all the discussion, we come in a calculation that for hair vitamin we need vitamins including zinc, iron, and protein. Make sure you take good care of your hair from an early age. Unless you may suffer in the young hood for your hair. And keep touch with all the hair vitamins we mention.