Privacy and Policy of our website is to inform you that your using experience our website as good as you think even more than just a good. When you visit our site and read our articles which means our website is valuable to you as you to us. Even without you, our website is nothing. Now let us take you to the main point of this Privacy and Policy.

In case if you don’t know let us tell you. When you visit a website which includes many kinds of website no matter which device you are using and browser the website automatically receive some information from your visit such as your IP address, location, device model, etc.
Now let us you more briefly and about the safety and security of your visit to our website.

Who we are

We are the authority of . In this website, the posts or articles are all right reserved by us. But without any kind of permission or copyrights claim you can share it, Use our article for your study materials. In Case if you need to post any of our articles on your website please kindly contact us for that unless the copyrights claims will be applied for you. None the less you can read, share in social media such as facebook, Instagram is not only permissible but also we will so much happy about that. After all this website is for your help.

Data we collect from you

You might have known that when you visit a website the website authority receives some data from you such as your comment, the device you are using and your location also your IP address. Now let us confirm you that we receive all this data through google automatically and we never ever share with any kind of person or organization. We ensure your data safe so that no one or third party even dare to get them. Which means your data is completely safe and secure.

Email and IP Address

Sometimes you send us an email for any kind of information. And sometimes for news or upgrade or thing. Therefore we receive your email. But you did not need to worry by thinking your email get exposed etc. Let us make sure again no one will know your email address and we can give you a commitment that your email will never be given to anyone or third party. In case if you did not know when you browse anything in the search bar by using any network i,e.internet or wifi website receive your IP address which means your internet protocol. But you don’t worry your IP address is safe and sound with us.

Location and Device

As when you enter our website we automatically via Google received your location. And also we receive what type of device you are using. You may be shocked now if you heard this first time but that’s true and nothing to worry because we have SSL Certificate which secures your data, information, etc. And it is the world most top-rated and trusted by the whole world for keeping data private.

The information

If you read the above as we said you might now know that all the website you visit they get some data or information from you.As we are the authority of this website Health Solution UK we also receive the same as they but all these information is provided by Google which means your data is safe and secure. None of your information will be provided to any individual or organizations. And we do not sell our visitors information to anyone because your information is means a lot to us and you are a part of our family. We do not want to sell our family members data to third parties.


As you may notice on our website some advertisement.As we provide information to you about health-related issues and topics. For our survival as other human beings, we need money to keep our service to you. Mostly our advertising is via Google AdSense. But we will make sure and ensure you that none of the advertising will go to your community and beliefs. As well as alcoholic, gambling, adult videos will never ever be advertised on our website.

When the Privacy Policy will Change

As we the authority of this website we have the right to change the current privacy policy rules. And most importantly according to Google updates and recommendation our website will change the privacy policy.

Contact Us

For your any kind of query or question please let us know by sending an email. We would love to hear from you.

Now take a quick look in our privacy and policy

We ensure your data safety.We do not sell/provide your information to anyone.We love to keep your user experience go better and better.We have SSL Certificate in our website which secures your data and using information by keep private.We do not post or advertise any adult, alcoholic, gambling product or thing.We do post or submit anything which hurt other beliefs and community. We do not disrespect and abuse anyone through our post, article, behavior or any way.

Note in case if you need to more about our privacy and policy just send us an email. We will inform you as soon as possible. And for that do not feel shy or hesitate because it’s your right to know and our duty is to inform you properly.